The long-awaited rain has moistened the soil in Ukraine

Since mid-September precipitation of various intensity has fallen in all regions of the country. Showers and hail were observed in some places. The weather remains moderately warm. In the west, the average number was 30 mm. In the southern regions for a long time there was no rain, and the land dried out on a meter layer, which slowed the maturation of different crops and forced to postpone the sowing of winter crops.For many years, the reserve of useful moisture in the upper layer of the earth from 0 to 25 cm was 17-25 mm. This year, the figures fell to 6-15 mm.In the center of Ukraine, useful moisture is at the level of 17.3 mm. In Ternopil, Khmelnytsky and Vinnitsa regions, the indicator ranges from 8 to 57 mm. Humidity of air in different regions ranges from 60 to 85%.Weather disasters adversely affect yield and harvesting time. According to the press service of UkrAgroConsult, such an important product as corn in many regions is still at the stage of milky wax ripeness. Where the culture is fully ripe, they began to harvest it. At 20.09, the moisture content of corn kernels is normal with 30-35%.Past rains moistened the soil and allowed to begin preparations for the sowing of winter crops. Experts note that this year nature has not caused significant damage to the crop, although there is a decline in average yields for strategically important crops.
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