Indonesia is now one of the main markets for Ukrainian wheat

Over the past couple of years, India has been one of the main wheat buyers in the Ukrainian market. However, India surrendered its position and ceded the primacy of Indonesia. Now in India they are counting on their own harvest.For all this was a turning point, which led to the search for new markets for the sale of Ukrainian products. Indonesia has become a new buyer and one of the key.It should be noted that Ukraine is trying its best to cope with the decrease in demand for products in the Indian market. In addition, it also struggles with the growth of Russia's competitiveness. After all, now Russia begins to offer cereals on the market, and it is quite cheap. This year, products of Russian origin were in great demand in Egypt, which can rightfully be considered one of the key wheat buyers in the world market.At the same time, about 1.8 million tons of wheat of Ukrainian origin were imported to Indonesia. This figure is 11% higher than last season. Today Indonesia is considered the main market for Ukrainian grain, about 16% of Ukrainian production is exported to it. While India buys only 4% of Ukrainian products. Also, supplies to the Philippines increased.
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