Export of bottled oil will increase revenue by 20%

The Ukrainian Statistics Service and the Export Support Center claim that in the first half of 2017 a huge amount of sunflower oil was exported to the amount of 212 million dollars. This is almost 60% more than in the same period last year.In the future, our agrarians are going to get more profit by 20% due to the sale of packaged oil, which will immediately fall on store shelves without intermediaries. It is planned to conclude agreements with large foreign trade outlets. This scheme will increase the cost of products from 0.85 cents to 1 euro.Vice-president of USPP Krasnikov Denis, speaking at various conferences, noted that first of all it is necessary to search for new sales markets and maintain trade relations with the states that pay a decent price for high-quality Ukrainian product, and also have high added value. Still Krasnikov said that Ukraine should increase the image of agro products and simplify the process of trade with foreign partners.The largest importer of domestic oil are the countries of Asia. They buy 54% of the products for $ 115 million. Africa is in second place. Here 21% are supplied for the amount of $ 46 million. Next comes Europe, America, Oceania, Australia and CIS countries, which acquire 25% in the amount of 53 million dollars. This year, shipments to China, Malaysia, Poland and Egypt increased.The general director of "Ukroliyaprom" Kapshuk Stepan believes that the sale of oil in 2017 will grow by 40% and will reach 1 million tons.
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