The Cabinet of Ministers has taken care of preserving the fertility of the Ukrainian land

The government finally paid attention and made adjustments to the Model Document on the lease of Ukrainian land. Experts from the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food released information that officials took care of protection, restoration of fertility and soil conservation. The report noted that the amendments will protect the interests of land owners and landlords.

In the lease agreement, it will be mandatory to prescribe the characteristics of the soil and its quality at the time the site is leased. If the new temporary owner worsens the composition of chernozem or leads it to an unfit state, then it is obliged to compensate the owner for the damage in full. Also in the contract there should be fixed the payment term for the land plot. In case of untimely repayment of the entire amount, a penalty is provided in the form of a fine or a penalty.

The fixed cost of renting land plots will increase payments to local budgets. The decision was made by the Cabinet on November 22. It is aimed at protecting the rights of landowners. By its actions, the state has taken care of protecting the soil for agricultural purposes.

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