Number of winter affected by frost

The total number of winter crops that, after winter frost, are in unsatisfactory condition (liquefied and weak), about a thousand hectares.According to the information provided by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, on the first of March, 3 566 000 ha (49.3%) of crops were completely preserved. The satisfactory condition is 2,704,000 hectares (37.4%). Only 969 hectares (13.4%) suffered substantially.Wheat - the overwhelming part, 6 277 000 hectares, which is 48.9%, is completely preserved. Satisfactory characteristics are 37.7%. An insignificant percentage of plantings, 13.4%, is in a liquefied or weak position.Of the 149,000 ha of rye, 62.7% are still preserved, one third of the total is in satisfactory condition, only 7.3% are weak and liquefied.Landed on 813,000 hectares of barley did not suffer 49.3%. Acceptable indicators it has at 36,3%. In unsatisfactory position there are 14,4% of crops.A larger area of ​​rape has survived frost. 32.7 percent of the plants have averages. Victims are considered 11%. A total of 995,000 hectares were planted.
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