Report of Ukrainian farmers

Agroministry has published data on the collection of products and the sowing of winter crops. As of October 9, 2017, 11.3 million hectares with grain and leguminous plants were processed. This is 78% of the land planned at the reporting date. Collected 43.5 million tons of grain with an average yield of 38.6 centners per hectare.In the same period buckwheat threshed 168 thousand tons from 152 thousand hectares (or 82% of the fields). The average yield of a popular crop was 11.2 c / ha. The millet collected 75 thousand tons from 52 thousand hectares (or 91%). The average yield this year was 14.5 c / ha.Corn corn harvested 5.6 million tons from a total area of ​​1.31 million hectares (or 30%). The average yield indicator is 42.6 centner / ha.Sunflower was removed from the territory in 4.8 million hectares. This is 81% of the total. Seeds threshed 9.2 million tons, and the average yield was 19.2 centner / ha. Soybean harvested 2.2 million tons with a yield of 18.2 centners per hectare. Other oilseeds were harvested on the territory of 1.22 million hectares (or 61%).Cleaning the sugar beet is in full swing. The harvest is collected from 118 thousand hectares. The total number of products was 5.2 million tons with an average yield of 428 centners per hectare.Winter cereals were sown at 5.4 million hectares, which amounted to 75% of the planned volumes. Winter wheat has taken 4.8 million hectares and 78% of the plan. Barley is located on 393 thousand hectares, rape for 813 thousand hectares, rye for 125 thousand hectares.
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