Wheat bran

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Almost all specialists agree that wheat bran is an excellent food for animals in agriculture. This is not surprising, because they contain a lot of fiber. Therefore, wheat bran is an ideal food for cattle, as well as sheep.

General information about the product

Bran is a product of the milling industry. In its appearance, it is a hard shell of wheat grain. The best wheat bran is used as a feed for farm animals, mainly cattle. Let us consider in more detail the features of wheat bran: When choosing, it is important to pay attention to nutrition. In this case, there is a simple rule: if there is little flour, but a lot of wheaten hard shells, the nutritional value is minimal. Wheat bran forage is distinguished by a large number of vitamins, especially group B. Starch, protein, minerals - this is not the whole list of useful substances in wheat bran. Of course, such a product can not compete with fodder, however, there is much more fiber in them than, for example, in high-calorie mixed fodders. At the same time, you can be completely sure that the animals will be satisfied, as wheat bran has excellent taste characteristics. Studies show that this food is the best source of dietary fiber. To keep the farm healthy, be sure to feed them only the best food. To do this, it is worth regularly buying wheat bran in bulk!

Exact characteristics

In order to buy wheat bran by the gross, it is necessary to disassemble in detail all the necessary characteristics: Qualitative indicators should fully comply with GOST (3016-95). The standard color is red-yellow with a grayish tinge. Smell should not be given by dampness or mold. The percentage of moisture should not exceed 15%. The crude protein in the percentage should be kept in an amount not less than 14%. Infection with pests or viruses is not allowed.

Where bran is used

Wheat bran is ideally suited as an animal feed. Let's consider some examples and norms: 4 or 6 kg per day - this is how much you can feed wheat bran milking cows in one day. Note that horses should only be given wheat bran. Their percentage of oats should not exceed a mark of 50%. You can feed pigs and even poultry with such food. Do not forget that the wheat bran should only be stored in dry, as well as warm rooms, which are well ventilated. This is due to a fairly poor flowability, as well as high values ​​of hygroscopicity (the ability to absorb moisture).

Where to buy wheat bran in bulk

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