Why do prices for watermelons fluctuate?

Known in Ukraine economist Penzin Oleg explained why in July the prices were lower than in August and said that by mid-September the cost will again fall on the popularly favorite berries.

It turns out to be the fault of the weather. Early varieties had time to mature in normal conditions. Their shortage in the markets and in supermarkets was not observed, so the price was low. According to Pendzin, medium-mellow watermelons just burned in the fields from the anomalous heat and lack of rain, so in August the cost increased significantly.

By mid-September, full ripening of late varieties is expected and after harvesting the berry will be exported throughout the country in large quantities, which again will force sellers to cut prices.

The economist said that the weather makes its own adjustments and affects the yield. In July from Kherson on a barge only 20 thousand tons of watermelons were transported, while the country consumes about 0.5 million tons. Sharp shortage of the product and caused a sharp rise in price.

Heat and drought did not affect the growth and maturation of late watermelons, so they will appear on the shelves by the middle of September. The increase in supply will inevitably entail a reduction in prices, Oleg Penzin believes.

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