Ukraine and the Netherlands expand cooperation

The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry reported that on July 20 the constituent assembly of the Ukrainian-Netherlands Business Council was held, where the main areas of cooperation were discussed. The main one is the Agro-industrial complex.The head of the council was appointed ex-Minister of Agroprom Pavlenko Alexei, who said that the use of innovative Dutch technologies is planned. This will raise the sector's productivity by at least 2 times. The Netherlands agrees to invest large sums in the improvement of the agricultural sector and develop trade relations. Such cooperation will be beneficial for both sides.To date, Dutch capital has already been successfully operating in Ukraine. About 500 companies in the field of IT technologies and the agricultural sector are registered.The Dutch agree to supply modern equipment for agriculture, which will help increase livestock production and make watering fields profitable. It is planned to use new Dutch technologies in the processing sector, poultry and pig production. Modern technology will increase milk yield, egg production. It will facilitate the work of farmers and increase all indicators.A large-scale and long-term joint work is planned. Recall that the business council was established on November 27, 2015 in The Hague.
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