Ukraine at the stage of completion of sunflower seeding, in Russia "catch up" with the pace of last year

UKRAINE. According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, on May 21 this year, 5,525.3 thousand hectares of planted 5559.5 thousand hectares were planted with sunflower, which is 98% (official figures are overestimated by 4 thousand hectares). This year the rate of planting of this crop is accelerated by about 4% compared to the previous year. According to information provided by UkrAgroConsult, last year sunflower was sown on an area of ​​5,223 thousand hectares.According to the data for May 21, soybeans are sowed with an area of ​​1,568.5 thousand hectares. This is 81% of the projected 1929 thousand hectares (official data are overstated by 0.1 thousand hectares). There is a slowdown in the rates of soybeans from last year's - 10.5% against 11.7% of the previous week. At the same date last year soybeans were sowed with an area of ​​1753 thousand hectares.RUSSIA. According to data provided by the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, as of May 18, 4,978.67 thousand hectares were sown with sunflower, with a forecast of 7561.2 thousand hectares. As a percentage, this is 65.8%. As analysts of UkrAgroConsult noted, the lag in the pace of cropping significantly decreased compared to the previous week - 1.3% versus 16%. Last year 5042.9 thousand hectares were sown on the same date.In the current year, for the period of May 18, the rates of sowing of spring rape and soybean also accelerated. The last crop was sown at 1335.9 thousand hectares with the forecast of 2712.8 thousand hectares (49.2%). This indicator is 16.2% higher than the figures registered in the previous year. The data recorded a week earlier was 5.8%. Last year, the sown area was 1149.9 thousand hectares.For the sowing of spring rape, an area of ​​1051 thousand hectares was planned. Sowing works were carried out on 604,4 thousand hectares - 57,5%. Compared with last year, the rate of sowing increased by 26%. According to the previous week, the lead in the percentage ratio of 4.7%. At the same time last year this crop was planted with an area of ​​479.9 thousand hectares.Detailed information on the export of vegetable oils and oilseeds, demand and proposals, prices in the Black Sea countries, please see the weekly publication of UkrAgroConsult "Oil of the Black Sea Coast".
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