In 2018 Chernigov region will increase the area under corn, rape and sunflower

The structural subdivisions of the district administration of Chernihiv and the oblast on issues of agro-industrial development presented forecasts for the area under the harvest this year, in almost all categories of farms. According to actual data, it is planned to use 1.24 million hectares. This figure is above five thousand hectares compared to the last 2017. From this area will be allocated more than 930 thousand hectares for spring crops, 478 hectares for leguminous crops, as well as spring crops. It is planned to highlight and:
  1. 312 thousand hectares for industrial crops.
  2. Potatoes and other vegetables are 89 thousand hectares.
  3. For forage crops was abandoned 55 thousand hectares.
Such information is reported by "Expert Agro", referring to the OGA Chernigov.According to official data, the general structure of crops does not allow for serious changes. For example, cereal crops will occupy about 56% of the total area. The technical allocate 28% or 350 thousand hectares. For potatoes and various forage crops - 7 and 9% respectively.The modern structure of crops depends on some changes in the direct group of crops, as well as technical crops:
  • In modern areas intended for cereals - 10 thousand hectares more than last year.
  • There is an increase in the area for growing winter rape.
  • Value is more than 9 thousand Ha
  • For the sunflower, another 6 thousand hectares have been extracted.
  • Reduced the area under soy for 6 thousand hectares
At the moment, farmers are almost ready for field work: repaired machinery, stock fertilizer, fuel and lubricants. Agrarians purchased about 90% of the required mineral fertilizers, as well as pesticides, to fulfill the predicted norm for spring sewage.Meanwhile, it is preparing for the settlement of spring cereal seeds, as well as grains. In the general market, late crops are purchased, for example, sunflower, corn, soy, etc.Some separate farms in the Nezhinsky and Chernihiv districts have already begun to feed the winter. Thanks to them, the feeding took place on the site in 4% of the total territory. In addition, more than 2 thousand hectares of rape have already undergone feed.Namely, the weather conditions determine the beginning of preparatory works and crops. Whatever it was, the terms will be much shorter, as this year the winter is very delayed.Recall that already April 4, 2017, almost all areas have already completed work on soil preparation.
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