The effect of weather on sowing winter crops in Ukraine

The state of fields in different areas is heterogeneous due to various manifestations of natural disasters. Hurricanes swept through the country, heavy winds, prolonged downpours, hailstones influenced the timing of harvesting of ripe plant crops and preparing the soil for sowing winter crops.

In some southern regions this year, on the contrary, there was a drought and anomalous heat, which dried the ground and also slowed down all processes. In the north-west, the elements raged, but today in the Zhytomyr, Vinnytsia, Sumy and Chernigov regions the reserves of productive moisture in the soil are estimated by experts as sufficient. They are at a level of 20-30 mm. In the south, the arable layer of the earth has dried up altogether. In other regions there is a shortage (10-20 mm) or a condition that is considered unsatisfactory (2-10 mm).

According to experts from UkrAgroConsult in the country, the soil was heterogeneous for sowing and growth of winter crops. In the west, north and in the center, the state of the fields is estimated as satisfactory. There, moistening the soil all summer was normal. In other regions, the soil dried up and sowing was delayed.

The agrarians report that the early winter crops, which were planted before 20.09, have already risen. Rye, wheat and barley were sown until 10.09. She managed to grow by 8-10 cm and has 2-3 leaves each.

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