Sunflower meal serves as a highly centered food, which appears as a result of sunflower processing. It remains after the extraction of fat from sunflower seeds. Meal is a very valuable protein product for livestock feeding.

Types of meal:

Sunflower seed meal has in its composition vitamin E and vitamins of group B. In addition, it is rich in phosphorus. It is advisable to use it for mixed fodders when feeding farm animals and birds. Depending on the processing process, it can be either crumbly or granular. Also, in the case of heat treatment, it is called "tasted." It contains up to 2% sunflower oil, which is a big plus, it will not be necessary to add special oils to the feed. Its color can be gray, gray-brown and have different shades. Has the aroma of sunflower oil.

Content protein:

Naturally, the greater the amount of protein content, the more the meal has energy value and nutritional properties. Due to the large content of amino acids and meotinine, it has a positive effect on the growth of young cattle. Sunflower seed meal is widely used for feeding turkeys. They also use it to replenish the ration of chickens after birth. When used in poultry farming, it is necessary to use a cake that has a minimum amount of husk. For the feeding of laying hens, a cake is used, which has a high fiber content, this contributes to less feed intake.

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