Sunflower mackerel is a product that remains as a result of the product of pressing on vegetable oil presses. It is used as a concentrated animal feed, because it has a large amount of protein 15-40%, it is also a component of mixed fodders and is used as a bait on fishing.

Nutritional value of cake:

  • fat;
  • protein;
  • cellulose;
  • vitamins K and E.
Makusha has a great nutritional value. In addition, it contains beta-carotene and phospholipids, as well as oils, which are necessary in mixed fodders. Makuha has the necessary humidity, up to 8%. It is sold in the form of compressed plates, maybe as detailed or granulated. If your plates are very large or hard for your cattle, then you can crush them yourself. Makuhoy fed different kinds of animals, in dry or wet form, as well as mixed with other types of feed. It has a higher concentration of protein, more than in cereals. Fiber, which is contained in the composition of makuhi, has a positive effect on the digestion of food and it is mandatory for all kinds of animals. It strengthens the immune system, has an effect on the acceleration of growth and metabolism. In addition, makuhu is effectively used for fishing, as a bait. River fish is perfectly caught on it. It does not dehydrate in water and gives a pleasant sunflower flavor. By storage, it can be up to 3 months.

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