Cake soybean

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Makuha soy

Makuha soy - an indispensable additive for the production of fodder mixtures and mixed fodders, which contains a large amount of vegetable protein and is ideal for fattening farm animals and poultry. Vegetable protein is easily digested and has a high biological value. Even the soybean meal (makuh) contains a lot of calcium, zinc, iron, manganese and phosphorus, which makes it useful for the health of animals and providing rapid growth of muscle mass. You went to a site that will help you choose products in bulk and in small lots, quickly order it online and buy at a bargain price.

Allowable amount of additive

The additive is recommended for pigs, cows, horses, sheep, rams, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys. Pigs add up to 15% of soybean mukuhi. Bulls and cows older than a year are allowed to mix up to 25%. Crawley - 10%. Bird from 10 to 20%. The percentage is calculated from the total diet. Soy waste increases nutritional value and reduces the cost of animal feed.

How to get soybean macku, corresponding to GOST?

The product is a waste after processing of soybeans. The raw material is processed and pressed. Thus, they receive oil and fodder makuhu. According to GOST, the following characteristics of the oil cake are allowed:
  • externally the products can be in the form of shells or crushed;
  • color from light brown to yellowish;
  • perhaps a small amount of dark inclusions;
  • a smell characteristic for soya makuhi (without mustiness, bitterness and mold).
Not allowed the presence of sharp metal impurities, glass, earth, stones. There should not be any toxic substances and pest infestation. The moisture content can vary from 7 to 10%. The share of crude protein should be at least 42%, and crude fiber 7%. Fasuyut products in dry, clean bags of 30 kg or sell in bulk. Bags are more convenient to transport, store and store longer. Transport and storage must be clean and disinfected, then the expiration date of the cake is 3 months from the date of manufacture. The price depends on the quality and the manufacturer. In "Agrozernoholding" you can find out how much the production costs, quickly issue, order and purchase it cheaply. Where can I buy saku maki? "Agrozernoholding" purchases and processes agricultural products, which excludes the appearance of intermediaries, allows to form real value and enter into long-term contracts. Delivery is available all over Ukraine to Kharkov, Kiev, Dnieper, (Dnepropetrovsk), Odessa, Zaporozhye.