Meal soybean

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Meal soy

To date, soybean meal is an indispensable food for farm animals. High-quality food is inexpensive and has a rich composition, which makes it indispensable for nutrition. You have come to a site that will help you to quickly choose high-quality products, order and buy soybeans to chickens and pigs.

Which soybean meal is better to buy?

Soybean meal is made according to GOST, which allows adding it to the diet for broilers, sheep, horses, KRG on farms and farms or used as an additive for the production of mixed fodder. Waste remains after direct extraction of the processed soybean with the separation of the shell (or without separation). The products undergo moisture-heat treatment and testing. It is this food that is safe and healthy for animals.

Value of soybean meal

This product has a rich composition. It is much more nutritious than other plant foods, due to the high content of protein and gross energy. The vegetable protein is easily digested and digested. The product does not have a bad effect on the gastrointestinal tract and contains the full complex of substances necessary for daily feeding to animals:
  • carbohydrates;
  • fats
  • minerals;
  • Vitamins
  • amino acids;
  • phosphorus-containing substances
Using soybeans eliminates the need for the farmer to add vitamins and minerals to the feed. From heat treatment, the product is disinfected and acquires a pleasant aroma. He likes animals and is eaten completely. Veterinarians recommend injecting soy in the diet of young animals, which still uses a small amount of feed. A high concentration of nutrients allows animals to grow and develop rapidly. Find out how much it costs, and you can order products right now.

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