Import of Ukrainian vegetable oil is growing

Ukrainian farmers are breaking their own records and in the first half of 2017 they sold 3.8 million tons of vegetable oil of various oilseeds to the foreign markets for a total of 2.84 billion dollars. These data were published by the State Fiscal Service.

Specialists from UkrAgroConsult report that 3.66 million tons worth 2.73 billion dollars were exported for sunflower, cotton and saphoric oil.

The largest buyer is India. She bought oil products for 933.27 million dollars, which amounted to 34.2% of oil exports in monetary terms. The second in the ranking of large buyers - Spain. She purchased products for 282.2 million dollars, or 10.3%. In third place - China. He purchased vegetable oil by 228.2 million dollars (8.4%). In other countries, products were exported to $ 1.28 billion (47%). In the total amount of exports, the share of vegetable oil in monetary terms reached 11.4%.

Soybean oil sold 108.7 thousand tons to 81.8 million dollars. Mustard and rape 8 thousand tons for 6.7 million dollars.

From January to June this year, palm oil, palm kernel oil and coconut oil were imported 110.5 thousand tons to 99.5 million dollars.

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