The number of cereals for sale reached record levels

Based on the latest forecasts, the volume of cereals production in the world over the past year has increased significantly. The coefficients were higher than expected. Following from what forecasts are at the moment, the supply and demand in the market in 2017-18 will be stable. And contributed to this record high volume of reserves, which is at a level above the average.For the year 2017, the volume of grain production has become much higher than in previous years. According to preliminary FAO indicators, the world's cereal production in 2017 reached record levels of 2640 million tons. This is 1.3% higher than the forecast for 2016. Comparing with December, the forecasts are much higher for the second time for 13.5 million tons.According to preliminary data, the world grain production will be about 1,381 million tons. And this is by 35 million tons (2.6%) more than in 2016.
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