Morocco selects Ukrainian and Canadian wheat

In the past marketing season, Moroccan farmers collected a very poor harvest of wheat. The total number was only 2.75 million tons. For comparison - in 2015/2016 collected almost 8 million tons. Despite the fact that 6.25 million tons were stored this year, the country wants to import Ukrainian and Canadian wheat in order to replenish its strategic reserve.

The stumbling block is a high import duty of 135%, which is valid until the end of December this year. Morocco plans to purchase 5 million tons of grain. Last season, 5.35 million tons were bought, and in the year before - 4.35 million tons. These data are reported by the press service of UkrAgroConsult.

Demand for domestic and Canadian wheat has increased due to a poor harvest in the EU countries, which reduced exports to Morocco to 1500 thousand tons (against 3000 thousand tons in 2015/2016). Ukraine this year ranked second in terms of grain exports to Morocco and sold 990,000 tons (553,000 tons last year). Canada was on the fifth place and exported 680 thousand tons (last season 583 thousand tons). The third and fourth place went to the USA and Russia with the indices of 910 thousand tons and 830 thousand tons respectively. It is interesting that last year the US exported only 20 thousand tons, and Russia 120 thousand tons of wheat. This year, Morocco purchased 12 thousand tons in Ukraine (in the past 16 thousand tons). From Canada, already imported 50 thousand tons of grain (against last year's 33 thousand tons).

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