More than 5 million tons of grain was sent for export

This year, our farmers are hitting their own indicators and, despite the difficult weather conditions, they harvest rich harvests of grain in all areas. UkrAgroConsult informs that according to data as of August 23, 2017, agricultural workers sold 5.05 million tons of grain to foreign markets. For the same period last year, it was exported 4.95 million tons.During the years of independence, the export of grain crops is only growing, which gives a positive growth dynamics to the economy of the state. The profit from sales grew by 6% compared to 2015-2016 and reached 6.5 billion dollars. For information - in 2016 grain was harvested by 10% more than in 2015.In 2017, wheat was exported 2.38 million tons, corn - 1.05 million tons, barley - 1.63 million tons.Domestic agrarians are more profitable to sell not grain, but processed products. This season has something to be proud of. 39.5 thousand tons of flour were exported abroad. Wheat was 39.4 thousand tons and a little sold corn flour. As far back as 2017, sales of vegetable oil increased noticeably.In the next season, it is forecasted to increase the export of Ukrainian products, which is in demand in Europe and many eastern countries, due to high quality and low cost.
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