The support of the agriculture of Ukraine has already been allocated state budget funds

The president and the government of the country have long noted the agrarian sector as the most important for the development of the economy. For three years, there have been debates about how to attract investors to develop infrastructure, increase the number of jobs, raise productivity and introduce innovative technologies.

The press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food reported that as of 3.10.2017, the state provided funds to 75 agricultural enterprises in the amount of 11.6 million hryvnia, as compensation for purchased equipment of Ukrainian production.

Since this year, the program "Financial support for farmers", which involves a partial refund for purchased equipment and domestic production equipment, has been launched. For these costs, the state budget for 2017 laid 550 million UAH.

Specialists reported that only in August of this year documents for the return of funds were submitted by 6 large companies of the agro-industrial complex. The total amount was 727.5 thousand UAH, which was paid in full.

Another press service of the ministry reported that the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 130 dated 01.03.2017 will be finalized. They plan to eliminate all the shortcomings, improve the procedure for paying compensation and increase the prestige of this program.

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