Leaders for the production of soybean oil in Ukraine

The leader in the production of soybean oil for the period from September 2015 to February 2016 was the agroholding Astarta-Kyiv with a result of 13.85 thousand tons, writes DeloAccording to the results of September-February 2015-2016. Ukraine produced 87 thousand tons of soybean oil. The association "Ukroliyaprom" notes that the volume of production and export of soybean oil can be much larger with the maximum processing of soybean in domestic enterprises.In the current season, the third part of the soybean was exported (1238.5 thousand tons), for processing 484 thousand tons were received. In total, Ukraine collected 3917.7 thousand tons of soybeans.Experts predict a further increase in the production and export of soybean oil. According to Gosvneshinform estimates, in 2015/2016 the production of soybean oil will increase by 9.4% to 175.5 thousand tons in comparison with the previous season. Exports will increase by 15.3% to 155 thousand tons.According to the site Agrocharts.com, the largest producer of soybean oil in Ukraine is agroholding "Astarta-Kiev", the largest producer of sugar in Ukraine.The largest producers of soybean oil in Ukraine (September 2015-February 2016)"Astarta-Kiev" - 14.85 thousand tonsGREENSTONE - 14.65 thousand tons"Oliyar" - 9.44 thousand tonsMHP - 9,18 thousand tonsKahovka Protein Agro - 5.78 thousand tonsPromtekhagorgorg - 5,04 thousand tons"Tegra Ukraine" - 4.01 thousand tons"Pologovskiy MEZ" - 3.27 thousand tonsAgro portal "Latifundist.com"
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