Decrease in world export of soybean meal by 3.5%

As of August of this year, the world export of soybean meal is 5.15 million tonnes, while last year's figures were 5.34 million tonnes.The decrease in the indicator mainly depended on the decrease in shipments from Argentina by 22% (about 2.3 million tons). The reason for this is the fall in Argentine product volume in August by 13%.According to experts, the soybean meal from India also decreased - 0.11 million tons against last year's 0.16 million tons.Also, shipments from the USA (by 33%), Paraguay (by 4%), Brazil (by 18%) were increased.In the period October-August 2017/18 MY the world export of this product is 55.21 million tons. The parameters of the previous season are equal to 55.46 million tons.Ukraine in 2017/18 MY Ukraine increased the supply of soybean meal to Romania to 10.5 thousand tons.
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