Soybean meal from Ukraine conquers the Romanian market

In 2017/18 MY, according to experts' forecasts, Ukraine will beat the record of soybean volumes in comparison with the previous indicator. This is due to an increase in the volume of processing of culture and an increase in the trading pace of the products obtained. Procurement of soybean meal increased by the EU. For the first time deliveries of non-GM meal were carried out.The main importers of Ukrainian soybean meal in 2017-2018 are Belarus, the EU countries, Georgia and Azerbaijan.Also, in this season, the supply of the product to Romania (10.5 thousand tons) was significantly increased. In the previous season, production was practically not delivered there, according to a report by analysts of APK-Inform.According to experts, Romania is very attractive for Ukraine as an importer. The total annual export figures are up to 400-600 thousand tons. Deliveries are mainly carried out from the EU countries, Argentina, Brazil and India.In 2017/18 MY, Ukraine exported all to the Danube region 93.5 thousand tons of meal. Compared with the previous season, this is 5% more. Moldova and Hungary, on the contrary, reduced purchases by 7.2% and 6.8% respectively.
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