Rates of harvest in Ukraine

As of July 26, 2017, the country harvested 6,115 thousand hectares of cereals and legumes, which was 62% of the planned amount. The timing is noticeably behind last year's. This is due to unfavorable weather conditions and a delay in sowing operations due to cold soil. In 2016, at the end of July, 6715 thousand hectares were threshed.Average yield this year was 3.53 tons per hectare and only 21585 thousand tons of early grain and legumes were ground. For comparison, last year, 24,790 thousand tons were harvested, and the average yield was 3.7 thousand tons per hectare.Wheat was harvested from 3946 thousand hectares. Only 62% of the fields have been processed, because it was planned to thresh 6361 thousand hectares. They collected 14,862 tons, and the average yield was 3.8 tons per hectare. In 2016, the average yield reached 4 tons per hectare.Barley planned to remove from 2536 thousand hectares, but managed to process 71% of the land, which amounted to 1,788 thousand hectares. Thymed 5758 thousand tons (yield of 3.22 tons per ha). For the same period last year, 7386 tons were harvested with an average yield of 3,28 tons per hectare.Pleasure only the pace of collecting peas. 352 thousand hectares were threshed, which was 87% of the planned 405. There were collected 893 thousand tons with a yield of 2.54 tons per ha. Last year, 213 thousand hectares were processed and 674 thousand tons were harvested with a yield of 3.17 tons per ha.The average yield of rye increased by 7% in 2017. Thrown 18 thousand hectares and collected 47 thousand tons (yield 2.55 tons per hectare). In 2016, an area of ​​35,000 hectares was cultivated, 84,000 tons were harvested, and yields were 2.4 tons per hectare.
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