Turkey has the opportunity to harvest a record harvest in the 2018-2019 season

The Agency for Analysis of Harvesting from Europe reports that the weather conditions in Turkey favor the high yield in the country. Information is provided by analysts from UkrAgroConsult.The yield of wheat, on average, is 2.78 tons per hectare. This is 4.5% more than in the last few years. For example, last year it was harvested 2.7 tons per hectare. As for the forecasts of barley growth, it is planned to reach a level of 2.68 t / ha. The index increased by 12%, compared to the previous year, and by 4.1%, over the past five years.It is reported that a high temperature regime positively affects the growth of yields. Many plants renew vegetative processes earlier than expected (mid-February). It is worth saying that the elevated temperature took place in March and April of this year. Thus, soil moisture was consumed many times faster. Despite this, the cultures are building up the biological mass, due to the rains in the spring and winter periods.The necessary level of soil moisture should positively affect the growth of maize yields. It is planned to harvest 9.62 tons per hectare, when last year the value did not exceed 9.4 tons / ha. The indicator is higher by 4.5%, compared with the average for five years.Turkey has been increasing and increasing the necessary imports of forage crops. About a million tons of Russian corn was imported for the period from September to February 2017-2018. The volume, by 18%, exceeds the shipment in the season 2016-2017. Specialists note that this season, Turkey leads in import of corn from Russia - about 38% of exports of culture.According to official data, for the year 2016/17, Russia exported corn to 5.64 million tons. Since the forecasts for the harvest, this year, are not encouraging, experts note a decline in corn exports by the country.
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