Ukrainian farmers insured winter crops for 1.6 billion UAH

In the winter period for 2017/2018, Ukrainian insurance companies adopted more than 648 contracts for winter crop insurance. Please note that the total amount of insurance amounted to one and a half billion hryvnia.Interfax Ukraine reports that such data came from joint research of several institutions. It's about IFC (International Finance Corporation), as well as about the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, Food of Ukraine.In addition, the conducted studies revealed the amount of premiums for the winter period of the above-mentioned years, in the amount of 57.5 million hryvnia.If we take the territorial equivalent, the insurance of agricultural winter crops amounted to 630.9 thousand hectares. These data almost fully correspond to those volumes that succumbed to insurance in the last year of 2017.According to official data, most of all such contracts were signed in Cherkassy, Khmelnitsky, Vinnitsa, and Chernigov regions.Have already identified areas for the largest insured areas:
  1. The championship was given to the Khmelnytsky region, which insured about 15.8% of the total area.
  2. The second place was occupied by Kharkiv with a territory of 12.5%.
  3. Poltava region insured 57.6 thousand hectares.
  4. Chernigov - 8.8% of the total area.
  5. Finishes the list of Ternopil region, which has insured 40 thousand hectares of winter crops.
According to statistics, the cultures were insured against complete death, especially during spring frosts. Such contracts were about 75.6% of the total.
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