In Ukraine for the period from January to April, more than 10% increased prices for the sale of grain crops

According to the analytical estimates for January-April of this year, in Ukraine, the prices for the sale of leguminous crops, like cereals, increased by 10.2% compared to the same period last year. This information was provided by the press service of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine.On average, in the specified period the selling price of 1 ton of corn increased by 10.6%, to 4237.6 UAH, barley by 22.7%, to 4428 UAH, wheat - 9.9% (to 4369.2% UAH).The prices for the sale of oilseeds from January to April increased by an average of 6.6%.The increase in the cost of seeds of soybean bean was 3.9% (up to 10306 UAH / t), rapeseed seeds - 20.8% (up to 12899.8 UAH / t), sunflower seeds - 6.3% (up to 9723.7 UAH / t).
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