In Brazil, they predict an increase in the yield of soybean

According to the press service of UkrAgroConsult, Brazilian experts will soon raise the forecasts of the yield of a strategically important oilseed crop - soybeans. Foreign analysts say that production growth in 2017/18 became possible due to favorable weather conditions.Initially, it was expected that the yield will be adversely affected by such terrible climatic phenomena as El Niño and La Niña, which sharply fluctuate the water temperature in the Pacific Ocean. The difficulty is that it is impossible to predict the behavior of these two elements. As a result of their activity, monsoons, drought, hurricanes, and torrential downpours can form. They sharply raise or lower the temperature.Therefore, the four leading analytical agencies of Brazil have underestimated their initial forecasts for soybean yield. But after assessing the condition of crops it became clear that the weather did not cause significant damage. The culture was planted on time and matured on time.Experts at AgRural, INTL FCStone and Safras & Mercado believe that Brazilian farmers will harvest 110 million tons of soybeans, even if the weather worsens, and if it remains favorable, the harvest will reach the level of 109.5 million tons. 115 million tons, which corresponds to last year's record.
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