In the EU, stocks of oilseeds have reached record volumes

According to experts from Oil World, stocks of rapeseed, sunflower and soybeans are 29 million tons. The data were calculated on 1.11.2017. This figure is 3.7 million tons more than last year for the same period.In particular, the amount of rape increased by 2.4 million tons, sunflower - by 0.9 million tons, and soybean - by 0.4 million tons.Increase the accumulation of oil production allowed a combination of several factors. Despite the difficult weather conditions, the yield increased. Rape in 2017 collected 1.5 million tons more than in 2016. Increased supplies (rape - by 0.3 million tons). The European Union purchased a record amount of products - 1.5 million tons, and exports decreased to 105,000 tons. In total, 16 million tons of rapeseed was accumulated.European producers of oilseeds expected to increase processing volumes, but expectations were not met. Seeds of rapeseed processed only 8.5 million tons. For comparison, last year the figure was 8.6 million tons, and in 2015 - 8.8 million tons (and this with less reserves).It was possible to increase the processing of sunflower seeds by 2.3 million tons or by 10%. The indicators for soybean fell by 6% and reached a minimum value for the last 3 years - 4.4 million tons.
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