Sowing sunflower started in Russia and Ukraine

Sunflower crops have officially begun on the territory of the Russian Federation. The MSC of Russia reports that in the South, as well as the North Caucasus, this culture is planted in an area of ​​178 thousand hectares. This figure is 2.4% of the total forecast. The information is presented as of April 13th of this year. The total area for sown sunflower seeds should be 7561.2 thousand. Ha.In order to optimize wedge sowing, it needs to be reduced by exactly 4% compared to last year. This is reported by specialists from UkrAgroConsult.At the moment, the pace of seeding is significantly behind the norm (63%). This is due to the protracted spring, as well as the late start of direct field work. If compared with the last year, then on April 13, was planted on the order of 485 hectares of land.Ukraine, too, can boast the beginning of sunflower seed. The Ministry of Agrarian Policy declares that at the moment the work on the area of ​​91 thousand has been carried out. Ha. This is 2% of the projected territorial norm, which has a value of 5584 ths. Ha.To get the latest data on sowing in the Black Sea region, go to the link from UkrAgroConsult.
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