The harvest of corn has started in Ukraine and the collection of other crops continues

In all regions of the country, the harvest of a strategically important crop - maize - began. This is reported by UkrAgroConsult on 20.09.2017. Corn is already harvested from 4% of the fields, which is 203 thousand hectares. Last season by this time, the harvest was harvested from 445 thousand hectares. The delay is due to poor weather conditions and late maturation of maize.Agrarians already threshed 935 thousand tons of plant culture. In 2016 this figure was 2,062 thousand tons. The average yield today is 4.6 tons per hectare, and last year - 4.62 tons per hectare. Drought in many regions, hurricanes and untimely rainfall affected the yield.The harvesting of buckwheat takes place at a fast pace. As of 13.09, 118 thousand hectares were processed. This is 65% of the planned volume. 136 thousand tons of buckwheat were collected, and the average yield this year was 1.15 tons per hectare. Last season for the same period threshed 125 thousand hectares, collected 160 thousand tons with a yield of 1.28 tons per hectare.For the reporting period, 80% of land with millet or 45 thousand hectares was threshed. 67 thousand tons were collected, and the average yield is 1.45 tons per hectare. Last year the yield was much higher - 1.84 tons per ha. During the same period 95 thousand hectares were threshed and 173 thousand tons of millet were harvested.
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