The coordination center for grain transportation will be opened in Ukraine

The Ministry of Infrastructure proposes to open a separate center, which will control the movement of grain in Ukraine. The new organization will include representatives of "Ukrzaliznytsia", the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and large representatives of the grain market.Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Lavrenyuk Yuri said that the primary task of the coordinating body will be to quickly resolve issues related to the transport of products to ports and export. "Ukrzaliznytsya" should solve internal tasks immediately and closely contact all representatives of the center. Lavrenyuk stressed that transportation in 2017 should pass under the approved plan, and for this it is necessary to ensure effective contact of all involved in this case structures.Chairman of the Board of UZ Wojciech Balchun informed that this year the volumes of grain production were increased by 28% compared to 2016. At 20.07, 83 thousand tons were loaded. This is 18 thousand tons more than last year.The UZ chairman is confident that he will be able to provide 1,745 grain carriers, which were reserved according to the requests of the agrarians. The company is able to load 1700 wagons per day, which is quite enough for grain transportation without delays. The July plan is completely executed. 11,455 grain carriers were loaded.
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