In Ukraine, will create a special council that will deal with the problems of international trade

Ukraine's trade representative, Deputy Minister for Economic Development and Trade, Natalia Mikolskaya, posted on her Facebook page that the cabinet decided to create a special council to deal with international trade issues.Until July 4, 2017 there was no body engaged in promoting exports, simplifying international trade, regulating the customs and tariff process, protecting trade, developing tactics to translate into reality the state's policies in this area.It was decided that the new body would be advisory in nature. He will establish an effective link between business and the country's leadership. All problems of international trade should not be solved by one ministry of economic development, therefore, it is planned that representatives of different ministries will be included in the composition. The Council will be headed by the Minister of Economic Development Kubiv. The heads of the Gosudarstvenniy Service, the fiscal and regulatory service, as well as the deputy ministers: energy, finance, foreign affairs, agrarian policy, regional development will be involved in cooperation.Mikolskaya believes that professionals will take responsibility for solving critical issues and the results will soon appear.
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