News from the fields - harvesting in 2017

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine informs that on August 20 harvesting of sunflower began in two areas: Kherson and Zaporozhye. In the Kherson region, 1 thousand hectares were cultivated, and in Zaporozhye 0,4 thousand hectares. The first threshed 1,1 thousand tons, and the average yield per hectare was 11.7 quintals. The second collected 0.7 thousand tons of oilseeds with a yield of 17.5 quintals per hectare.At the moment grain and legume harvesting continues. Total threshed 9.7 million hectares of land (this is 66% of the planned area). Namomlot made 37.3 million tons, and the average yield per hectare - 38.5 centners.Oats and rye are almost all removed. 98% of the ground is threshed. Oats collected 481 thousand tons from 194 thousand hectares, and rye 465 thousand tons from 165 thousand hectares. The average yield of oats per hectare in this season was 25 centners, and rye - 28.1 centners.Buckwheat removed from 12% of the fields (23 thousand hectares). 24 thousand tons are harvested with a yield of 10.5 centners.Millet is collected from 19% of the land (11 thousand hectares) with a yield of 17 centners. per hectare. In total 18 thousand tons were collected.This year, corn rejoices. It collected more than 200 thousand tons from 100 hectares with an average yield of 40 centners.Only 1% remained unrecovered rapeseed. Agrarians processed 777 thousand hectares and harvested 2.146 million tons with a yield of 27.6 centners.
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