Influence of the law on deferring reimbursement to farmers of VAT

Assessment of the situation gives a specialist on the oilseed market from UkrAgroConsult - Svetlana Kupreya.The analyst reports that the current year has ended with the adoption of a fateful law that postpones the return of budget money for VAT to Ukrainian rape exporters before the beginning of January 2020, soybeans until early September 2018, and sunflower seeds until early March 2018. This is an important step for everything oil segment of the agro-industrial complex, which will force all agrarians to adapt to the new market conditions.The situation made UkrAgroConsult revise the yield forecasts and prospects for the redistribution of crop areas under rape, sunflower and soybeans in the next season.Experts believe that the total number of sown areas will remain at the level of last season, only rapeseed and sunflower sow a little more, and soy less.Official statistics say that winter rapeseed was sown by the end of the year slightly more than last year, but favorable climatic conditions (relatively warm winter) minimized losses to 10%, which allows us to predict the increase in yields already today.You can learn about the prospects of producing the remaining oilseeds from the weekly "Oil of the Black Sea Coast" or read the full version of the article on the site.
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