Heat and drought - so the climate of Ukraine changes every year

The chief economist of the project "Supporting Reforms in Agriculture and Land Relations in Ukraine" of the Kiev School of Economics, Oleg Nivsky, said that much depends on climatic conditions in agribusiness. But as in Ukraine, the year after year the weather is getting hotter and drier, this greatly affects the fertility of the soil and, accordingly, the productivity in agribusiness.In Ukraine over the past dozens of years, less rain fell, which directly determined the moisture content of the soil. According to the expert, as a result 32 million hectares of arable land were in the drought zone, which has been moving more and more from the southern regions of the country to the northern regions over the past 85 years.Scientists, having scaled the changes in the gross production of the agricultural produce, have come to disappointing forecasts. Since the dynamics of negative weather conditions in Ukraine will only increase, then, of course, this will lead to the washing away of moisture from the fertile soil layer and the change in the ecosystem.Nievsky noted that according to the experts of FAO and the World Bank, the erosion of soils threatens that Ukraine will annually lose 500 million tons of land, and this trend will lead to the fact that after 75 years of black earths become infertile. If we calculate the costs that soil erosion brings, the losses could be about $ 5 billion, while the gross output in this sector is $ 10 billion. As a result, this problem removes 5 billion dollars from the country's economy.The state should take a responsible approach to resolving this negative phenomenon and pay attention to it, because the agricultural holdings have already faced the described problem, Nievsky noted.The economist added that at the moment, 7 million citizens who have received the land for free have not been interested in preserving it and effectively mastering it. Agricultural insurance is an important point that contributes to the conservation of the resource in an ever-changing climate.
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