Agrarians expect a good harvest of sunflower

Despite the bad weather, the experts of UkrAgroConsult are pleased to note that the sunflower seed plant has been successfully completed. This year the oil crop is given special attention. Given the fact that anomalous heat, like last summer is not expected, farmers plan to harvest a rich harvest.Under sunflower, huge areas of 6.5 million hectares were allocated. Oilseed culture slightly pressed the "queen of fields" - wheat.Specialists emphasize that in 2016/2017 the sowing took place without violation of technology. It was possible to withstand the norms and deadlines. The agrarians did a great job, planting the crop in early May, when the soil temperature reached 12. Sunflower is a finicky plant. Fields must often be harrowed to destroy the weed, which was also done on time.An excellent condition of sunflower in the fields was noted. It remains only in time to harvest. There are three stages of maturation of seeds: yellow, brown and full ripeness. In the first stage, the product contains a lot of moisture. When fully ripe, it becomes brittle, dry and brittle. Therefore, the harvesting will be carried out, when the oilseed culture will grow by 90%. It will lower the humidity level to 14% and it will be ready for further processing.
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