FAO informs on the continuation of the growth of world prices for cereals in February

"Agrozernoholding" LLC hastens to inform you that according to the data of the monthly FAO Food Price Monitoring and Analysis newsletter on March 9, the demand for grain crops continues to grow. Traditionally, the release analyzes the situation for the past month. Particular attention is paid to wheat and maize, whose reserves have suffered from adverse weather conditions. At that time, the rise in rice prices was suspended due to a decline in demand for its individual species, particularly Indica.

Food security at risk

A wide response was caused by a report about the establishment of abnormally high prices for some food products in a number of countries in North Africa. Experts argue that this incident is a real threat to food security and call for paying enough attention to solving this problem.

What to expect from prices in the CIS countries?

Representatives of this region are the main exporters of flour milling wheat on the world market. In Ukraine, snow cyclones have become one of the reasons for the difficulties of promoting logistics operations. Also, the cost of wheat and flour was affected by strong demand from traders in the absence of sufficient raw materials to meet their needs. Statistics show a 10% increase in the price tag compared to last year. The prices for flour milling wheat in the Russian Federation, on the contrary, can not hold up to last year's indicators. This situation was due to the record productivity of 2017 and lack of demand, which could absorb the volumes issued.It is noted that the general state of prices in the region has changed within the limits of the norm. This indicates a balanced state of the supply-demand relationship and the relative stability of local currencies.
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