The main consumer of nitrogen fertilizers from Belarus is Ukraine

According to earlier announced data, exports of nitrogen-containing fertilizers of Belarusian production were reduced by 20% last year. This is approximately 288,900 tons. Proceeding from this, the following situation has developed.The biggest fall relates to carbamide - about 165,500 tons (24%), which in money terms is 75,900,000 dollars. The largest consumer was Poland. Up to 27% of the total output was supplied here. The second place in procurement was occupied by Ukraine - 19% (32 100 tons). During the year, shipments here increased 2.7 times, while in Poland they decreased by 26 percent. In the event that the existing situation continues, this country can take the leading position in the market on the consumption of the product as soon as possible.The second year, Ukraine was recognized as the main buyer of a mixture of urea and ammonium nitrate (ammonia or aqueous solution). In 2017, 22,800 tons (28% of the total export amount) were received. This is by 0.3 thousand tons more than in 2016. In general, shipments were reduced by 17% (about 81,700 tons).If, in general, for exports, eleven percent of ammonium sulfate began to go off in 2017, less than in 2016, 76% are supplied to Ukraine. According to statistical data, up to 59% of the goods were purchased from the total figure.
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