Since the beginning of the year, Ukraine's seaports have increased cargo handling by 4.6%

According to the operational data of the Administration of the Ukrainian sea ports, in January-February this year, in comparison with the previous year, cargo handling increased by 4.6 percent and amounted to 20.5 million tons.Growth in respect of imported goods increased significantly (by 24.4%) and reached 3,500,000 tons. Imported ore - 1,100,000 tons (+ 8.7%), coal - 1 million tons (+ 26.6%) , oil - 0.05 million tons (+ 89.2%). But, as for oil and oil products, in this case, the indicators decreased. In the first variant they are equal to 0.08 million tons (-1.8%), in the second - 0.07 (-23.5%).Changes have occurred in the processing of export products. Their indicators, if compared with 2017, fell by 3.4% and read 14,900,000 tons. The level of grain transshipment has also decreased slightly - by 5,900,000 tons (-1.3%). At the same time, export data for ferrous metals increased - 2,800,000 tons (+ 8%).Transshipment of transit goods has significantly increased - by 54.1% as compared to 2017. This year it was 1,900,000 tons.The processing of contents in containers has also increased. According to the information provided, the volume is 1592 thousand tons, which is 7% more than last season.In total, since January of this year, 1850 vessels have been handled. Last year over the same period, 469 units less (34%) were processed.
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