What will unfavorable weather conditions in Ukraine lead to?

Ambiguous weather in the first decade of March for Ukraine is not natural. Hydrometeorological Center of Ukraine reports the prevalence of cold weather, which was characterized by an average daily air temperature of 4-9 degrees, sometimes 10-15 degrees below normal.

The situation at the moment

Subsequent warming allowed to talk about a certain stabilization of the temperature regime, which at the moment practically corresponds to the norm. Thus, the average daily air temperature varies from 6.2 degrees below zero to 9.0 degrees Celsius. The maximum air temperature reached 14.6 heat. Despite this, on most territories at night the thermometer's column drops to 22 degrees below zero. It is also worth noting the intensity of precipitation in the form of rain and snow. UkrAgroConsult informed about the excess of the average rate for this period from 200 to 535%.

State of winter rapeseed sowing

Referring to the data of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy on March 15, 2018, Agrozernoholding reports 98.6% of winter rape seedlings. Of these, 56.2% went up in good condition. For various reasons, 0.1% of crops were killed. The process of feeding this crop is carried out for 33% of the acreage. The statistics show that during the same time period of the previous year, the process of topping up winter rapeseed was completed for 610 thousand hectares, which is 70% of the sown area.
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