Inadequate soil moisture in Ukraine complicates sowing of winter crops

The Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia informs that weather conditions for tillage and sowing of winter crops are generally favorable in the country, with the exception of the southern region where heat is kept for a long time and there are no rains. In the northern regions, the nights became cold and the earth cooled to -2 ° C.Heat and drought in the south dried a nearly meter layer of chernozem, which had a negative effect on the maturation of the late harvest, delayed the preparation of fields and sowing of winter crops. Because of the lack of rainfall, agrarians can reduce the crop area, which will definitely affect the yields in the next year.According to UkrAgroConsult, the state of maize in the north of Ukraine is in full or waxy ripeness and is estimated as satisfactory. At 15.09, 55% of plant cultures reached full maturity. Harvesting is carried out at a rapid pace. Winter sowing is planned to finish in November.Experts say that it is too early to talk about a critical situation, but winter crops are strategically important for Ukraine's food security and bring tangible profits from exports. It is expected that the situation will change by spring and the weather will slightly affect the yield.
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