The abolition of value added tax for the export of oilseeds is postponed

Ukrainian news reports that the amendment to the Tax Code at number 180, which abolished the refund from the VAT budget when selling sunflower, rapeseed and soybeans to foreign markets will be postponed. This decision was made for several reasons. This was reported by a deputy who is a member of the VR committee on tax and customs policy.According to preliminary information, a delay is planned in 2018 from March 1 to September 1. A source from the Verkhovna Rada informs that such a step will enable the agrarians to complete the season on a customary pattern for them. Cancellation of VAT on rape is planned even later. Most likely in 2020.Deputies should vote on changes in the tax regime until December 22 this year. Recently, the members of the agrarian committee of the BP announced a joint report, which referred to a violation of the rules in the vote for Amendment No. 180. Many did not understand the issue and misunderstood, for which they vote.To date, the deputies have finalized the corresponding amendments to the amendments to the Tax Code and suggest that the matter will be considered at the parliament session on December 21, 2017. Earlier it was reported that officials would exempt oil exporters from VAT on March 1 of next year.
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