Analysts of UkrAgroConsult report that according to the calculations

Analysts of UkrAgroConsult report that according to the calculations of the European Commission, the grain crop in Europe for 2017/18 mg will increase significantly.It was assumed that the wheat will be threshed more nearly by 1 million tons. During the period 2016/2017 it was collected 133.8 million tons, and for 2017/2018 are planning to collect 140.5 million tons. The evaluation of the sale of wheat from the EU to other world sites was increased by 1 million tons. Over the past year, 25.2 million tons were exported. This year, it was planned to sell 27 million tons.As of July 2 to October 3, the recorded volume was only 4.5 million tons, which is 37% less than last year's figures.According to barley, the data were also revised in favor of growth. According to preliminary calculations, it was planned to produce 59.7 million tons, which is by 100 thousand tons more than last year (58.1 million tons). Last season, 8.8 million tons were exported, this is just 6.9 million tons. For the period from July to October, sales fell by 20% and barely reached 1.2 million tons against last year's - 1.46 million tons.It is known that the countries of the European Union grow mainly wheat, barley and sugar beet, but complex weather disasters have a detrimental effect on the growth and development of plants.
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