Sunflower meal before being sold in China will be tested by specialists

Information that Ukrainian producers will be able to export the cake only after the inspection of capacities, said the press center of "Ukroliyaprom" on September 20, 2017.The State Service for the Protection of Consumer Rights and Food Safety provided a plan to verify the capacity of enterprises, taking into account all requirements of importers. Each producer of cake, which wants to sell products to the PRC, is obliged to submit an application for an audit to the regional body of the Gottenbudsluzhba. The results of the inspection of capacities will be sent to the General Directorate, which, in turn, will deliver them to partners from China.Only after the completion of this procedure, Ukrainian enterprises will be included in the list of those wishing to export products to the PRC. Grettrebluzhba has the authority to make a final decision and to appoint (or not) additional checks by the Chinese partners.Ukraine is interested in trade partnership with China and is going to develop a promising direction, but long-term and fruitful cooperation is possible only on condition of supply of quality and safe meal.
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