The Government of Ukraine makes business easier

The Cabinet approved a decision that significantly simplifies some of the conditions for doing business. A risk-oriented approach is introduced. It will become visible in some inspection bodies. On these changes, it became known on May 10 from the press service of the incumbent government.This reform should create the most adequate analytical system. It will function only on reliable, as well as detailed data. This will increase the degree of risk assessment of persons engaged in economic activities, and will also focus on testing the most risky enterprises. The system extends to users. It will provide the necessary information about the risks of cooperation with producers.Stepan Kubiv, as first deputy prime minister, stresses: "Almost all business checks, at the moment, reveal the corresponding violations. Activities are based on sanctions, as well as their application. Inspectors need to eliminate offenses, rather than impose additional fines. As a result, business is removed from self-regulation, placing it on state bodies. Thus, we have serious expenses aimed at regulating the overall economic activity. "The basis of the regulatory reform should be the beginning of the development of a single process of self-control in the country. It is expected that the reform will initiate a dialogue of the parties on the settlement of all the above-described processes.
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