Dry protein gelling

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Dry protein gelling

Egg protein dry gelling is obtained due to the elimination of chicken protein from sugar, subsequent drying and pasteurization. This product has a gelatinous texture. In addition, its properties are higher, and the gelling force is much higher than that of fresh protein. The more the gelling force of the product, the wider the sphere in which it can be applied. Albumin is used in the manufacture of meat and sausage products, fish and pâté products. It is worth noting that for 1 kg of dry gel-forming protein there are 316 fresh chicken eggs.

What are the advantages of albumin?

  • • Long shelf life and no special requirements;
  • • preservation of all useful properties of fresh eggs;
  • • wide scope of use;
  • • You can combine with any meat, fish, as well as confectionery and pastries;
  • • fast solubility;
  • • high microbiological safety.

Areas of use of dry protein

When making pastille, marshmallows, souffle and meringues, it is an important component. It increases their level of confusion and high foam. If you replace this product with artificial, you will not get the necessary confectionery effect. Dry gel-forming protein has excellent binding properties, therefore it is used in the production of fish mince and fish sticks. Albumin is a natural emulsifier, which is used in the production of sausages and semi-finished products from meat. It completely meets the requirements of GOST. Due to the fact that he has a high level of protein, he easily complements his deficit in meat. In addition, it supplies the future finished products with the necessary amino acids. With the use of dry protein, the production of macaroni is significantly improved, because it improves the structure of the test and the product itself in the end. Due to the high level of foaming, it is perfectly suitable when working with biscuit types of dough. Baking has an airy and porous structure, without fractures. In addition, albumin is used in the field of sports nutrition, because it has a high concentration of protein in the composition, and a good level of digestibility, up to 94%.  

Where to buy dry gelling protein wholesale in Ukraine

At us you can buy only the qualitative and natural goods, rich in vitamins and microcells. You can make a wholesale purchase in large and small size. For you, delivery to the Dnieper (Dnepropetrovsk), Kiev, Kharkiv, Zaporozhye, Odessa and other cities of Ukraine will be made as soon as possible.