Trade relations between Ukraine and the EU

The press service of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade published in social. networks of encouraging data. The export of domestic products to the European Union for the first half of 2017 amounted to 9.5 billion dollars. Agricultural products are very popular. Ukraine has become one of the 10 largest sellers of agricultural products in the EU.

MEDT recalled that the association agreement with Europe came into force on September 1 this year, but without it, Ukraine increased imports by 23% or $ 1.7 billion. The EU is our main partner today. The share of trade was 40%. The amount of $ 9.5 billion is a significant increase for the further development of the agricultural sector and the increase in sales of agricultural products to foreign markets.

Another ministry reported that there has been an increase in investments in manufacturing companies that have modernized and produce high-quality products for the EU countries. One of them was the Lviv plant "Electrocontact", which produces wires and cables for such famous brands as BMW, Opel and Mercedes. Last year, the growth in exports of this product amounted to 7.5%, and in this exceeded 16%.

In turn, President Poroshenko in his welcoming speech on the Association Agreement said that Ukraine has achieved record results and this is not the limit. To date, the country sells 40% of goods and services to Europe, and then the figure will only grow.

It's no secret that before our main trading partner was Russia. In 2016, they sold only 10% of Ukrainian products. Trade representative of Ukraine Mikolskaya Natalya says that our products continue to be popular in Russia and it is not yet possible to interrupt trade relations because of historically developed economic relations.

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