Ukraine exports record volumes of frozen raspberries

The export period is not over yet, but experts already say that the demand for Ukrainian berries in 2017 has grown significantly. For July of this year 900 tons of raspberries were sold. This figure is 2.5 times higher than in the same period of 2016. In the first half of this year, three times more frozen products were exported abroad than in the first half of last year, and the total volume is estimated at 3.5 thousand tons. For the entire year 2016 the agrarians sold 7 thousand tons of raspberries, and the maximum amount of exports was in August and September.According to Tatyana Tatyana, the specialist of the European horticultural market, demand for raspberries for the domestic market remained at the same level with a good harvest. In the EU countries, the demand for frozen berries has risen sharply due to a poor harvest in Poland and Serbia, which are the largest producers of this product.Prices for berries this year are insignificant, but have grown, because demand determines the supply.The main buyer of frozen products are the EU countries. The rest buy only 3% of production. The main partner is Poland, which acquires 60% of Ukrainian berries.The purchase price for foreigners has a wide range. The cost depends on the quality of raw materials and the volume of the batch. Polish manufacturers buy products at 4.7-5.4 z / kg or 1.14-1.25 euros per kilogram. For comparison - large Ukrainian processors buy berries at 22-25 UAH / kg (0.7-0.8 euros per kg).
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